Interview with Brothers Tyler and Ryan Falcoa 

Two Talented Brothers, Tyler and Ryan Falcoa, began expressing their talent at a young age. They are inspired by working together to make great music. Tyler and Ryan want to make their contribution to the world of music and to add their names among the list of great singers.

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Tyler and Ryan

Music Talented Brothers, Tyler and Ryan

ML&L - How did you get into music in the first place?

Tyler - Ryan and I were very young when we got into music. We played football at a very young age. When I was 10 I got injured during a football practice that led to me being out for the season.  My Dad brought home a guitar so that I could teach myself during the offseason and have something to do. A little later, pieces of a drum set started to show up in the basement that Dad would scavenge at yard sales. Ryan would then end up hopping on the drums and teach himself, following my lead as a learning guitarist.

ML&L - When did you know it was music that was going to be your thing?

Tyler - As soon as Ryan and I started to play together cohesively we knew this is what we wanted to do.  Seeing Paul McCartney LIVE at Fenway Park had validated our passion. We knew this at a very young age. 

ML&L - What was your experience with "The X Factor"?

Tyler - The experience we had with the X Factor was a learning one! We had just started to sing as a duo and it was our first performance in front of anyone with this new journey.  We were terrible but we had to start somewhere! We learned to just keep our eyes on the prize and continue to work to become the best that we could be. It was amazing to be on that stage and singing for the celebrity judges though.  Nobody can take that away from us.

Tyler & Ryan - Crush (Official Music Video)

Being a self-taught musicians from Bristol brothers Tyler and Ryan try to bring American music to new levels and make a career out of their unique talent.

ML&L - What was the inspiration for your first album of original songs “Basement Diaries"?

Tyler - Basement Diaries was a compilation of songs that started in our basement and were finished in our basement. Our basement is the place that we spend the most time in.  We hang out there, write, practice and record there.  I guess you could say, the things we talk about on "Basement Diaries" are the things that we think about and have had many conversations about down there.

ML&L - What was the message you were trying to convey on “Basement Diaries"?

Tyler - "Basement Diaries" talks a lot about love and loss. The message we were trying to get across is that part of the human experience comes with love and loss and that is okay! No matter who you are or where you come from, whether you're in a basement or in a restaurant, shop or school; we all talk, seek and experience a lot of the same things in regards to love and loss.

ML&L - How does songwriting process usually develop?

Tyler - Usually I write the lyrics. I've always had a passion for words.  Ryan then comes in and works around with the melody of the song. Most of our songs and ideas start as voice memos on our phones!

Tyler & Ryan - Caller ID (Official Music Video)

ML&L - Have you been thinking about doing an album, or was this something new and amazing to you?

Tyler - We have always thought about doing an album and we still are thinking about our next one!  Whether it's a single, EP or an album, it's always amazing to get into the studio with the people you create with and make something happen.

ML&L - Any advice for people who want to enter the music field?

Tyler - Keep going. It's harder than it looks and sometimes you feel like you're going nowhere but you have to keep going.  You have to be consistent and you have to keep your eyes on the end goal. Don't lose sight of that.

ML&L - You are focusing on covers now or will be also your own new songs?

Tyler - We are constantly writing originals and perfecting them. New originals are on the horizon, however in the meantime, we have covers for our fans to enjoy!

Charlie Puth – How Long (Tyler & Ryan Cover)

ML&L - What’s next step?

Tyler - The next step is to keep on the track that we have been on. Constantly putting out good content and writing meaningful songs for our fans. You will be hearing exciting news very soon.

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