Win a Grammy by 35! Interview with Detroit hip hop artist Corey Diamond

The singer Corey Diamond talks about his inspiration, his way to music career and how he dreams to collaborate with famous artist Dr. Dre.

Corey Diamond

Corey Diamond, 07/28/1990, USA, Detroit

ML&L - What got you into Hip Hop?

Corey -My uncle was a music producer and whenever we would visit his house, he was always making the sickest beats on his computer! I didn’t even know it was called hip hop at the time. But I believe he planted the seed that drew me into this genre of music.

ML&L - Who were your music influences?

Corey - I would say the artist I drew the most inspiration from was Tupac. His deep lyrics and poetic outlook really set the foundation for the music that I create.

ML&L - Who of your contemporaries do you listen to the most?

Corey - I really listen to a lot of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Lecrae, and Bizzle, Migos and 2 Chainz get a lot of spins as well.

ML&L - What's the most important item in your music collection?

Corey - My iPhone. If I didn’t have it I would lose all my music, lyrics, recordings. It would be pretty bad.

ML&L - What's the message you’re trying to bring with your songs?

Corey - I want people to know that it’s possible to achieve their dreams and that we are all unique, powerful, and created to be great. So I try to exemplify that in my music and hope that it inspires those that hear it.

"No Diablo" - Corey Diamond (Official Music Video)

ML&L - What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

Corey - My dream collaboration would be to work with Dr. Dre. He is a genius and I feel like he would push me to write some crazy bars. I think that’s the best music anyone would hear from me.

ML&L - What live performance experience have you had?

Corey - I have mostly performed at talent shows, schools, churches, and hip hop competitions.

ML&L - Do you focus on the audience reaction when you’re performing or do you just get lost in your own world?

Corey - I like to think of myself as an “MC,” so I focus a lot on the crowd when I perform. I love seeing the expressions on people’s faces when I say something crazy and just getting people hyped up.

Mask Off Remix - Corey Diamond

ML&L - Are you a member of any music organizations?

Corey - I used to be a part of Hip Hop Congress back when I was a student. But I’m not currently active in any organizations.

ML&L - What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

Corey - I would probably finish up grad school and become a Psychologist. I like helping people deal with tough situations in life.

ML&L - Do you have any advice for new singers-rappers?

Corey - I would tell them to really focus on their craft and make sure they are putting out the best material they can. Second, be true to themselves. People don’t really rock with someone if they don’t appear to be authentic... So just be you, do the best you can do, and have fun.

Hot 16 BET Sprite 2015 - Corey Diamond

ML&L - What are your plans & hopes for the future with regard to your music?

Corey - I plan to start collaborating more and hopefully start introducing my brand to more mainstream markets. My goal is to win a Grammy by 35. So I’m constantly evolving and pushing to see that come true.

ML&L - Any last words?

Corey - I want to say thank you to God first, all my fans, family, and everybody that rocks with me. I do this because I want to make a change in this world and leave my mark on this generation. So the support really means a lot. We are just getting started!

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