Interview with Young singer/songwriter Talented Clancy Coulter

Young 17 year old Canadian singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas, Clancy Coulter, has already gathered attention with cover songs, despite being pretty new to the scene. With her debut single “R.L.Y.D.N.T.L.Y.” she is trying to make some noise in the music industry.

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Clancy Coulter Music Talent

ML&L - Share some interesting facts about yourself.

Clancy Coulter - I have a very long story for a 17 year old. I am a Canadian. Have lived in about 20 different homes and a heap of different towns. That’s a long story. But I have a great life and am thankful.

ML&L - How did you get your start in music?

Clancy Coulter - I am still starting. My mom says I was born singing. But making music my career is just beginning. I am 17 and focused. I joined Septien Entertainment Group this year and the coaches there have really boosted my confidence and given me a start. 

ML&L - Who is your biggest supporter?

Clancy Coulter - My Mom. She does everything and beyond to support me. Also my grandparents are huge supporters. We have a very small family. But we are tight!

ML&L - What is your musical background?

Clancy Coulter - I began in musical theater. I thought I would be on Broadway one day. I sang at Carnegie Hall with my high school choir. I really grew up singing and learning how to perform. But this year I decided wholeheartedly that I wanted to pursue singing and songwriting. I am not a good enough dancer for Broadway. And although I love to act and the stage I love developing my own songs more.

ML&L - Who are some of your very favorite artists or rather, what musicians have continued to inspire you and your music?

Clancy Coulter - I admire artists like Lana Del Ray. Banks. Lorde. But Stevie Nicks is probably my favorite because of everything about her! I also love Rap! Kendrick Lamar is my Lord!

You Lost Me - Christina Aguilera | Cover

ML&L - Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

Clancy Coulter - Kendrick. Easy answer.

ML&L - How do you get noticed on YouTube with so much competition?

Clancy Coulter - I am going to have to say I don’t know that answer. I work hard. I do all the videos by myself in my bedroom. I am a perfectionist and try to do my best. It’s not always easy to get the YouTube songs out fast and well done. Especially when it’s just me and the track and my microphone. And I guess I don’t feel that noticed. There’s so many incredible YouTubers. That have millions of view and subs. I feel like I am just getting a tiny bit heard and it’s incredibly flattering!

ML&L - Biggest challenge to breaking out and sharing your music with new people?

Clancy Coulter - I think getting people to listen to a new artist with a new song is a tremendous challenge. I am young and unknown. Why would anyone want to hear my song? When I see people actually listening to it it’s such a thrill. One person at a time I appreciate! 

ML&L - What made you decide to do cover songs?

Clancy Coulter - I knew if I was ever going to get one person (besides my family) to listen to my originals I would first need to build up some interest. Covers are an awesome way to build fans who like your voice. I have a deep respect and awe for musicians. Of all genres. I feel super lucky to live in a generation that can share music this way. It’s all pretty incredible. I also love that the fans have all the choice nowadays in music. It’s really revolutionary in how artists develop and create. And how they can start in their own bedrooms singing their favorite artists songs!!

ML&L - How do you choose which songs to perform next for your channel?

Clancy Coulter -  I tend to go with the most currently released song. I am comfortable singing a lot of different styles. And I adapt most to make my own version. I don’t depart harshly from the songs style. But I have my own sensibility in a song and how I want it to sound. Sometimes getting them out quickly means it’s not my best work. But the music listeners are incredibly supportive and generous with kindness to me. They forgive my imperfections must more than I do. 

Camila Cabello - Never Be The Same | Cover

ML&L - Tell more about "R.L.Y.D.N.T.L.Y." .What was the inspiration behind your debut single "R.L.Y.D.N.T.L.Y."?

Clancy Coulter - Some not so great people inspired this song. I don’t mind using my emotions in my songwriting. Music video “R.L.Y.D.N.T.L.Y.” me and my boyfriend shot it in the Arizona desert. He is a videographer from The Netherlands. It was an exciting and cool project for us. And we are proud of the work we are doing. 

ML&L - Any advice for the young talented individuals like you?

Clancy Coulter - Work hard! And be brave!!

ML&L - What are your immediate music career goals?

Clancy Coulter - I just formed a band. And so gigging lots will be an immediate goal. Long term I want the world to hear my songs. However I can accomplish that. I am at home on a stage. And in a studio. So immediately I will be working hard on major goals.

ML&L - Do you have any other projects you would like your fans to know about?

Clancy Coulter - I have more songs coming out soon. I hope people listen for them and enjoy them. There will be one called “Lost On You” coming out in April. And another one called “Daddy” Issues coming out after that. I will begin gigging with my originals and seeing how the people like them. I am excited to get these songs out!

ML&L - Any last words?

Clancy Coulter - Thank you kindly , May.Life & Live, for taking the time to ask me questions and get to know me better. I hope people enjoy my song and the ones to come. It’s all about the fans and people who love music. And I appreciate every single one of them! 

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