Interview with EDM/Pop/Rock Artist and Music Talent Chad Grey 

Chad talks about his musical inspirations and the art of mixing - mastering - producing, about what the process has been like, his dream collaboration and much more.

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Chad Grey

ML&L - When did you first discover your love for music?

Chad - I first honestly discovered my love for music at the age of 12 when I started picking up guitar. I was far too shy to start singing and wasn't into chorus so for the first 5 years I taught myself by ear, I hadn't discovered tabs until I was 15, because I was too poor for lessons.

ML&L - Who were your musical inspirations growing up?

Chad - The only 4 artists I really had the CDs for growing up were NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, & Michael Bolton.I eventually grew to love all 90's pop (Michelle Branch, Stacie Orrico, Christina Aguilera, etc) and when I picked up the guitar I learned basically every Metallica and Van Halen song I could get my hands on.

ML&L - Take us through how the idea came about making covers?

Chad - Covers were basically how I learned how to sing/play instruments in the first place. My friends and I were extremely competitive with everything growing up and honestly I owe all of my ability to improvise and create my own versions of songs to our jam sessions. I make covers now to practice for my solo original album I'm currently working on. My first cover "In the Name Of Love" by Martin Garrix x Bebe Rexha was my 2017 New Year’s resolution to just put myself out there.

In The Name Of Love - (Full Production Cover) | ixiChadGrey

ML&L - You personally mix, master, produce and record all your covers. How process usually develop?

Chad - Because I didn't exactly come from money, I had to learn how to record/produce/mix/master all of my tracks. I have been in and out of bands and groups since I was 14 with a pretty consistent role for being the songwriter so learning how to do the mix/master portion has been a "YouTube it and ask my professional friends how much I suck" sort of venture for the past 7 years. I generally create a guitar/piano progression and arrange song parts according to color in my head. I associate certain notes and textures of emotion with particular shades of colors and arrange the song like a painting. 

Producing = Sketch
Recording = Thicken the lines/borders
Mixing = Coloring the painting
Mastering = Find the perfect gloss over the painting

ML&L - Do you want to pursue music as a career?

Chad - Yes! I currently Produce for a tight clique of artists, travel as a session musician for various artists from studio to studio, and teach voice/piano/guitar/bass/drums/audio production at Stone House Jam Academy, Bel Air, Maryland. I would love to tour with my solo project material and produce for top 40 artists.

ML&L - If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose? 

Chad - My collaboration bucket list is Ariana Grande/Ed Sheeran/Jonny Craig/Tillian Pearson/ Illenium / Seven Lions.

Death Of A Bachelor - Cover by ixiChadGrey ft Dom

ML&L - What is your dream venue to perform at?

Chad - I've done all the venues in my area before (Baltimore Soundstage- Ram's Head Live) with various projects so rather than a dream venue I have my sights set one of the ultimate dream festivals: Ultra Music Festival.

ML&L - Any plans to hit the road?

Chad - It's gonna be a fun time developing my popularity in the area for the next year as I release my material and hunt for a manager. After I really get a chance to develop my live show I'd love to take it on the road asap.

ML&L - Are there any questions that you were expecting that I didn't ask and want to answer?

Chad - Closing Note- I'm coming out with two projects! On one hand I'm going to release an EDM project called "The Honest Thief" that mixes Progressive House/Dubstep, Pop/ RnB Vocals, and Electric Guitar. And while I'm slowly becoming known for covers under ixiChadGrey I'm looking to finish my solo acoustic/ EDM EP and push that once I get to 10k subscribers!

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