Al hombre osado la fortuna le da la mano! In fact, Fortune favours the bold. Those who act boldly or courageously are most likely to succeed. One of the examples talented singer from Spain CATRIEL ALMENDRA.

Catriel Almendra

ML&L - Catriel was born on August 1, 1994 in Cordoba, Argentina. When he was a child teachers of musical school so amazed from him, they have seen his great attitudes for music. At age 7 he came with his family to Malaga, Spain, where he began his musical training at the conservatory of music as a guitar and started singing lessons at once. He has private singing teacher, called Susana Cortés.

Study in high school of performing arts square Malaga where three years course performing arts, with subjects such as acting, singing and dancing all kinds (jazz, classical, hip hop, flamenco).


Catriel Almendra

Catriel also receiving piano lessons and the two instruments loves to write songs (music and lyrics) and has its own issues. He has participated in national television Antena 3 (QUIERO CANTAR), Telecinco (TSQV) y Canal Sur (VEO VEO)(2º Premio de Andalucía), also stayed in different local televisions which broadcast their own themes and topics from different singers, these are some televisions in which he has participated: PTV Procono private channel Málaga, Torremolinos TV, 340 Mijas, TV Axarquia Velez Malaga, south coast of Marbella.

Catriel has participated in shows like “Veo Veo” (Canal Sur), “Tu si que vales” (Tele5) and “Quiero Cantar (Antena 3) with only 20 years.

Catriel Almendra - Voy pasármelo bien (Quiero Cantar) Antena 3

Catriel Almendra

Catriel composes his own songs lyrics and music.

Catriel Almendra - La Señal (Videoclip Oficial)

Catriel Almendra - Un amor especial (Videoclip Oficial)

Now he is studying 3rd year of higher degree at the Conservatory of Malaga and specializes in classical guitar. Currently he works in Crearteatro Málaga company’s component which represents various educational musical works and he is also a singer of the band "La Magic Band Orquesta " of Granada, Spain.

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Catriel is an extremely talented artist, who is incredibly versatile. May.Life & Live wishes Catriel blessings and tremendous success in his career. Continue to follow your dreams no matter what the outcome!

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