As our website grow and expand, we need to attract and nurture the new talent on our team. May.Life & Live is looking for a creative people to join its offices, in studios and clubs. If you can bring new energy to May.Life & Live , then find your job with us. Take a moment to think about who you are, what your skills are, what you've accomplished professionally, and why you're the best person for the job with us.

Joining ML&L means becoming part it, part of us - creative thinkers who consists of like-minded people keep on a common idea. We want to help talented people to be realized, to be developed, to be famous. If you see yourself in this profile, you may belong on our team.


• Ability to coordinate work within the team;
• Ability to take ownership of work;
• Ability to respond to issues and meet deadlines
• Knowledge of foreign languages
• Ability to manage multiple projects and people at a time.
• Ability to work with media (photos, videos and social networks).

Apply for a job now or send us your application for opportunities in the future. Interested candidates can send their cover letter or CVs to

Best Regards,
May.Life & Live Team