May.Life & Live - it’s Stage for Talents. It provides a unique opportunity to realize dreams, build a career as artist, be developed. We created several large May.Life & Live platforms in all countries for all talents, newcomers and artists from around the world! Each country has its own May.Life & Live.

For example, May.Life & Live Germany: here you can see all talented people from Germany, our teamwork in Germany, how to choose an artists, all the works of talents, their creativity, abilities and skills, activity, shows and performances, how they develop all this, their role in May.Life & Live, what they do and how May.Life & Live help them to achieve success.

We have already lot of talented people – musicians, singers, dancers and others, from different part of World.

Provided that More artist, than more is popular certain Country, for instance we have already branches May.Life & Live Europe, May.Life & Live USA, May.Life & Live Russia, also we have newcomers and talents from Australia, Afrika.

Everyone can join and follow all of them on social medias - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, to keep up-to-date with the latest news, upcoming shows and more.

On this case more talents from certain Country ( to give an instance, more than 100. talents), more opportunities to open their May.Life & Live branch with office, redaction, studios, magazine, shows, clubs with stage and much more.

This enables us to give all talents, newcomers or artists the same attention and organization them appearances in other countries.

We create our new world for Talents from all around the World on the ONE big stage.

All teams from all countries - this is our big May.Life & Live Team.

Each of us holds on to his team. Each of us - part of his May.Life & Live.

No matter where you come from, just simply sign up and create your page, after you can easily let it verifying and already you can be among the talents, newcomers and artists.

Sign up now to get closer to your Dream!