Svetlana Schegolikhina - Young mom gets just a few minutes of 'me time' to herself for her lovely hobby.

Musicians have been covering other people's songs for as long as music has existed, but nowadays it becomes more popular. Svetlana Schegolihina is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world who is trying to make herself known & covering the famous song’s versions.

Svetlana Schegolikhina

Svetlana Andreevna Schegolikhina (maiden name Ibragimov) born on October 1, 1991 in a small town called Gusinoozyorsk, Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

She sings from childhood. Svetlana remember how sang with father with a guitar. Svetlana's father, no having musical education, perfectly plays the guitar, drums, keyboards. With this excellent musical ear, pleasant voice he has awarded and Svetlana. But she is, unfortunately, haven’t mastered any tools.

" I have been singing for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, picked up a pen, or a comb, seated in front of a toy, imagining that it was my audience, turned on music and sang on stage at the microphone "

Svetlana often participated at school events. The first experience on stage was when she was 12 years old. She with the song Valentina Tolkunova "Fairytales walk in the light" has performed district competition of children's vocal performers “Utrennyaya zvezda. Yunie darovaniya Selengi” and has got Diploma III degree. She is owner of lot of diplomas, prizes and nominations.

Svetlana Schegolikhina - Zazhgi svoyu zvezdu /Зажги свою звезду/

Svetlana Ibragimova- 16 years
3rd place & the award for "Best Vocal Performance" at the " Zazhgi svoyu zvezdu //
Зажги свою звезду"

In 2014 Svetlana took part in the TV show "The Voice of Buryatia", but in the second round has not progressed.

Svetlana Schegolikhina - Cut - Plumb (Cover)

" Maybe I had not enough professionalism. Agitated, and chose the song is not quite right. But the most important thing is not winning but taking part? Isn’t it "- says Svetlana.

Svetlana Schegolikhina - Bring Me To Life (cover) Evanescence

Despite the economic and accounting education, Svetlana never wanted to work in the field of economics. But this did not prevent the young girl to submit her CPS at all, as the district and national events.

Cupid did shoot arrows to heart . At age 18, Svetlana got married and moved to Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia. At the time, the vocals went by the wayside. "Singing was at the level of a hobby, and a circle of friends on holidays at home '' - she said.

Svetlana Schegolikhina - My Immortal (cover) Evanescence

Svetlana now beloved wife and mom. With husband bring up a son. Sing for them at home. And she records covers of famous rock & pop singers.

"Never have the goal of becoming famous, never considered myself some space-talented, I sing for myself. But I am pleased when completely unfamiliar to me people appreciate my ability to sing and and say compliments" - she admits.

Svetlana Schegolikhina - A Million Voices (cover) Polina Gagarina

But the music that doesn't leave for a second, always beckons and attracts. So we are waiting for new covers, and maybe own new and spiritual songs from Svetlana. We appreciate her cooperation with us.

Our team would like to Svetlana luck, prosperity, popularity and new creative achievements. And let dreams come true with May.Life & Live!

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