Interview with The Winner of OGAE Eurovision Song Contest Berlin 2016 Sebastian Calleja

Maltese singer Sebastian started his singing career at the age of 11. He played main roles in various musicals, participated many festivals. 2016 he won OGAE Eurovision Song Contest in Berlin. He even entered to preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Sebastian Calleja shares with us his thoughts, goals and dreams.

Sebastian Calleja

Sebastian Calleja

ML&L - Tell about yourself.

Sebastian - I am 19 years old and I am the youngest from 3 siblings. Currently I am working with an International bank and in a short period of time I will be continuing a degree in Financial Services, so most of my time is taken up by work and studies.

ML&L - What made you realize that music was your path?

Sebastian - Music always was always part of my life and my favorite thing from a young stage. When I was a secondary student going back 8 years ago, one of the teachers was preparing for a mother’s day concert and she choose me to be part of it and perform a song, after that experince I never looked back since I realized that performing music was the thing that was missing in my life.

ML&L - What artists did you listen to when you were growing up and what about them appealed to you?

Sebastian - There are number of artists that I really like, if I had to choose a singer from the past scene I would go for Whitney Huston she had an amazing voice and she always delivered her songs in an emotional way which is an important factor in a singer to deliver the emotions to the audience. And one singer which is one of my favorites nowadays is Bruno Mars, he has an outstanding voice and always show a unique music styles in every song which is also important to experiment in songs so we will not bored doing the same music style but we need to change our style of music.

ML&L - Who would you say is your inspiration for your love of music, and why?

Sebastian - Actually my inspiration for music is life in itself, I get inspired by life events for example for my new single ‘Escape’ I was inspired from the story of a family friend. My family and friends who support me in every decision and step that I take in my career, they also are my inspiration to complete in my music journey.

Sebastian Calleja - One Life (performed at the Hercules, Helsinki)

ML&L - What was your aim beside being a singer?

Sebastian - My aim is to became a banker, acutally I am on appranticeship with one of the largest international banks and from the coming October I will continue my degree in Financial Service. Although I try to give music most of my free time to improve, here in Malta there isn’t the opportunity as a full time job to be a singer.

ML&L - You were participated festivals and won, which is for you the most memorable?

Sebastian - I took part in various competitions, both locally and abroad and in every festival and competition that I took part in, the most thing that I will keep in my memory is the feeling of competition. I can’t say I have a most memorable one as from every festival I took part in I always learned new things so I can get better and also I had made a lot of friends.

OGAE Eurovision Song Contest Berlin 2016 - 1st place
Microfono D'Oro Mirandola Italy 2014 - 2nd place
San Remo Junior Italy 2014 – finalist

Sebastian Calleja - Golden Boy

ML&L - What is your first reaction after winning the 2016 OGAE Eurovision Song Contest in Berlin?

Sebastian - OGAE Eurovision Song Contest was not my first international competition but for me it meant a lot because I always liked Eurovision Song Contest and this was my first experience in the Eurovision world which I really liked. When the result came out that I won I could not believe it, that I was the very first winner of the competition, as I had very talented competitors. The joy was also bigger when it was announced that I was going on the Eurovision Cruise in Helsinki Finland to perform with bigger artists like Loreen and Dony Montell.

ML&L - Are you nervous singing live or do you get nervous before a show?

Sebastian - No, I prefer to sing live instead of singing in playback since in a live performance you can convey more feeling, so I won’t be nervous. Before a show or a competition, I always get a bit excited rather than nervous which is a good feeling to be a bit excited as you will be more looking forward to sing.

ML&L - Your song “Escape” preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 unfortunately did not make it in the final. What you think, will you try it in this year again?

Sebastian - Escape meant a lot for me, it was my very first song that I ever submitted for Eurovision and for me to make it in the top 60 songs (out of 156 songs which were submitted) considering that was my first time it was a good result. Yes, if I have a good song which I will think it would be good for the competition yes I would like to go for it again.

Escape - Sebastian

ML&L - What is your next goal as a singer?

Sebastian - My goal is to complete producing more new songs with different composers and authors both international and local, also I am going to be once again for my 3rd year one of the singers on one of the most watched program in Malta, Hadd Ghalik which I am really looking forward to live this experience with this team once again.

ML&L - What advice would you give to beginners?

Sebastian - My advice is to never look back to your past and the most important thing is to believe in your self-everyone is capable for something, but if you do not have faith in yourself and in your talent, you cannot go forward. It is important to enjoy what are you doing.

Sebastian Calleja

May.Life & Live - Thank you Sebastian for spending time on the interview. May.Life & Live wishes Best of luck to you!

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