Interview with singer Roveena: The rising star talks about her music, new EP “Fearless”, future plans, and much more

Toronto based talented singer-songwriter Roveena, whose new EP, Fearless, was recently released, has been building up a strong fan base. Her power vocals come out strong and gentle at the same time.

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Interview with Music Talent Roveena

ML&L - What made you realize that music was your path?

Roveena - Music has always played a prominent role in my life – growing up my parents always had ABBA and Michael Jackson playing in the house so it’s been ingrained in me. I truly feel the most connected and happy when I am either singing/creating/writing/listening/performing music – I couldn’t envision myself doing anything else.

ML&L - What makes your music unique?

Roveena - I have been told that it’s the power of my voice that makes my music unique paired with powerful lyrics. I try to write and sing music that really moves me emotionally. If I feel connected to it – then I know my fans will connect as well.

ML&L - If someone has never heard your music, which words would you personally use to describe your overall sound and style?

Roveena - Vocal Power Pop Ballads with lush instrumentation – think Celine Dion meets Adele.

I Lied (Official Video) - Roveena

With new EP Roveena and her team are moving towards a new sound, and it seems to be coming together beautifully.

ML&L - What do you think separates you from the crowd of young singers?

Roveena - I think I’m adding to the landscape of music rather than separating myself from other artists. I think that is what is great about music – as creators and consumers of music we can really learn from each other. My goal isn’t just to put music out there, I want people to feel inspired.

ML&L - Talk us through your new album Fearless. 

Roveena - Fearless was written to inspire my fans to let go of fears that are keeping them from following their dreams and aspirations. For a very long time I was getting hit with obstacles, and I would allow those obstacles to tear me down. I was letting the negative comments and thoughts of others invade my mind to the point where I started to doubt myself. It crippled my voice and creativity and I felt stuck.  Writing Fearless helped me push through that negative noise and taught me that resilience and self-care go a long way. There are a lot of hidden messages throughout the album of where I was in the writing process and my journey. The first single off the album “Burning Room” is about being stuck in a place where you have to make a decision - to fight or to run away. My upcoming single and EP title track “Fearless” (coming November 24th), explores the many fears we harbour, and that we are not alone in this experience. It’s also about discovering the power we have to get through them.

Roveena - Fearless (Official Album Teaser)

ML&L - What do you feel your listeners should get out of your music?

Roveena - My message is quite simple - you are powerful, you are strong, and you can do anything. Let your passion dictate your life, not opinions of others.

ML&L - Who produces your music?

Roveena - All of the tracks on Fearless were co-written and produced with James Bryan (The Philosopher Kings/Prozzak)

ML&L - Now you are focusing to your own music or still make covers also?

Roveena - I am focusing on my original music, but I will drop a cover once in awhile if I feel inspired by the lyrics.

Remedy - Adele (Roveena Cover)

ML&L - Do you have any advice for new singers?

Roveena - You will always have obstacles in your way and it’s up to you to decide if you are going to let them take you down or push through them. I believe everyone has the power to be fearless - you just have to believe in yourself to find it!

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