Natasha Evstefeeva “I'm in the Mood for Cover Song and I'm madly in love with the guitar.”

Natasha Evstefeeva

Day by day Cover songs become more popular. Natasha from the southern Russia, Astrakhan makes cover songs, plays the guitar and shares all this in internet.

She studies in Moscow State Art and Cultural University on faculty of musical art. "As a child, I had no particular idols, but I always listen to the singer Valeriya and Maksim.

Now I love the creativity of Zemfira, Mariya Chaykovskaya and VLNY group. Mostly I listen lyrical music, where the soul sings and reveals all the emotions of a person.

I think if not the music, I could be a psychologist or could work in the police. I try to live by the principle: "That is not done, all the better”, - says Natasha.

Natasha Evstefeeva

Natasha Evstefeeva

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