LUNAXY brings a powerful album "Departure"

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French pop and nu disco band LUNAXY’s brand new album makes you want to go for a long drive in the country and just turn the sound up and enjoy riffs and catchy beats. LUNAXY brings positivity and powerful pop music magic to every moment of their album "Departure". It's an album that invite the listener to begin the journey with band. The title speaks for itself.

First and Breakout track "My own home" is the true essence of everything that band brings to the table. It shows the feeling a sense of belonging to place and territory, which leads to more than just good vibes. It is also metaphors for break-up. The song is punctuated with the dance sounds.

To instantly fall in love with Amsterdam, all you need is a bike and the track “DAM”. The song tells to fall in love with at first sight. Happiness and feelings of well-being to discover in an urban world and journeys are nostalgic.

Let Me Be” - As its title indicates, this song tells its listeners "let it go". Letting go of the things during adolescence, during a liberating rupture or good of a simple concert ... The use of trumpets, synthesizers and jerky rhythms with a bass drum that marks all the time support this festive and liberating side. On live the mood of the song is simple and effective: a typical rhythm "African" with a captivating and dancing energy. The lights & colors are very warm in red tones.

Title track, "Departure" is an invitation to travel, to adventure. The planning synthesizers give a spatial side to the music. You can also find guitars muffled in harmony that are hidden here and in the whole album. Live: Spiritual and groovy atmosphere throughout the pieces. The lights & colors are sober (purple / white tones).

Babe” is a standout, summer ready track. It’s catchy and refreshing while remaining positive vibes that Lunaxy builds around music. The story of a sudden passion, a game of seduction, this magical moment when two strangers fall in love and the two are inextricably linked. Love, excitement and positivity. The mood is simple and effective: a rhythm "rock" with a dancing energy and euphoric. The lights & colors are very warm (orange tones).

"Do Not Leave" is a powerful track with a message of faith and hope. It is a reflection on life after a disappointment in love. A sparkling mix of palpable emotion, piano notes and solo saxophone reminiscent of the Pink Floyd and Daft Punk. Live: The mood of the piece is intimate & emotional: an energy "Electro" with "jazzy" arrangements. The lights & colors are very cold (white & blue tones).

PARIS“ tells the story of a young man who arrives in Paris with the desire "seize the day". This idea is supported by nu-disco music, funky guitars and trumpets. The mood of the track is funk & effective: a groove rhythm with a big dancing and euphoric energy. The lights & colors are very warm (red tones).

Bleak Day“ denounces society's hypocrisy Why do people always pretend to be happy even when they are not? Why should people live life for others? The mood of the piece is intimate & emotional: an energy "Rock" with groovy arrangements. The lights and colors are very cold (white & blue tones).

The Album comes to an emotional end with the song, “This Night”. Again Break-Up theme, but this time from a more optimistic angle. With some funky sounds and saturated guitar, song announces Hope for the Future. The mood of the piece is rock and efficient, a "sustained" rhythm with a big modern energy and some electro keys. The lights and colors are very warm (orange tones).

You will fell in love with the entire Album. Be sure to go get it off. What are you waiting for!

Download here the album - Departure

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