Kseniya Tanner - “Spectators’ love for me more important than to winning competitions”

Interview with a lovely singer from Russia, who didn't get into the finals of the popular vocal projects "Factor A" and "Voice", but got crowds of fans.

Kseniya Tanner

ML&L - Hi Kseniya. Thank you for your time in May.Life. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into singing?

Kseniya Tanner - I was born in 1990 in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. When I was still quite child, I loved to dance for my family and friends when I heard some music on the TV or Radio. I remember from 3 years old I have collected my first applause. And how did I get into singing, I think the first my voice I showed back in the maternity hospital (my mother said that I was among all I was distinguished with my voice). Oh well, thanks to my mother that she gave me to the preparatory class of the music school when I was 6 years old. And I started for myself to open closer to music, although when it was necessary to enter the first grade. At first parents wanted to send me to gymnasium, but I didn't pass the entrance cause of music, but in a usual music school I had lot of luck. Singing and the performance kept up with the times. In the music school I was singing in the choir and soon I became solo singer. Parallel to the music school, because I always liked to listen to different music, from the soviet to the foreign music, I tried myself participate for school all activities, rehearsed songs, constantly participated. But due to the fact that often had to rehearse before concerts, then I had to miss some classes. After graduating music school I took one more additional year for individual classes vocals. Since 2008 I studied professional vocal studio "Magnolia" in Kazan. I graduated faculty of Humanities in the Department of History and Public Relations in Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev.

ML&L - What artists did you listen to when you were growing up and what about them appealed to you?

Kseniya Tanner - Well, when I was a child I loved to record clips of the time 90's on videocassette (for example songs "Elektrichka" Alena Apina, " "Shkolnaya Pora" Tatiana Ovsiyenko, "Bum Pam" Tanya Bulanova, " Zimnyaya vishnya " Anzhelika Varum, Rozhdestvenskie Vstrechi s Alloy Pugachevoy/ Christmas Meetings with Alla Pugacheva). From foreign music loved to listen Britney Spears songs, I bought her cassette, then Natalia Oreiro and after on already-growing popular music on that time. My first record I had on tape bought my dad. It was cassette Modern Talking, which I then immediately be loved and because of unusual voices and rhythmic music. After which of the disks I had an album Pugacheva and hits collections of those times.

ML&L - What inspired you to start writing songs? How is your first experience writing a song?

Kseniya Tanner - The very first experience with writing songs it was in 1st grade, when I didn't exactly remember, but we had some competition between first classes and we had a short time to remake a song on some subject. Our teacher said, children who will be able to alter the words to the song and I immediately volunteered and for one night the whole song remade and then took our class 1st place as far as I can remember. After that I have lot of participated in songwriting and poetry contests for junior classes. And probably inspired me the music, which I was listened, performances of stars of those times and I was trying followed by repeated movements in dance on clips. My own song I composed about 11-12 years, the melody and the words were been born at the same time in my head and I just wrote down the words on a piece of paper and the melody was stored as a file in the head.

ML&L - How you started your career in the music industry?

Kseniya Tanner - As a singer, I often performed with solo numbers at the celebration of Victory Day, the Day of the city and other activities in Kazan . With 2010-2013 Teacher-organizer of additional education in singing in the international college of service Kazan. In 2010, assistant-organizer of the international festival-competition "Victoria".

Kseniya Tanner - Поющие ведущие Дмитрий Дрозд и Ксения Таннер (презентационное видео)

ML&L - Kseniya, you are the winner of numerous international, urban and republican competitions. Do you have any Merit?

Kseniya Tanner -Active participation in various events and competitions as a singer and actress in the walls of high school and music school of 1997-2007. In 2009 I participated in the international festival-contest of young performers "KAMAZ sobiraet druzey", Laureate of the II degree of the International Festival "Commonwealth of talents" / chairman of the jury Professor MGUKI. E.O Zasimovag. Moscow. In 2010 Laureate of II degree of city competition of military-patriotic song "I love you, Russia!". In the category "pop vocal" festival of artistic creativity "Student Spring KAI" I had I place. Laureate of I degree of urban open-III city competition «TATARSTAN.RU». 2013 Laureate of I degree in the category "Solo" student city competition of the city of Kazan. And I have participated on casting Factor-A and in 2012 casting for "The Voice". 2014 I got Diploma of completion of courses speaker.

ML&L - So lot of nice Merits, Kseniya. And tell us how did you manage to participate in "Factor A" and "The Voice"?

Kseniya Tanner - It came spontaneously. My grandmother, who likes to keep track of all the news happening in the world, told me about that project "Factor A". Well, I do not hesitate to immediately went to the first "Factor A" with my friends vocalists. And for ''The Voice'', I first filled in the form and sent it, but then forgot about it through some time I got a call and was invited to come to Moscow in Ostankino on the second stage of the casting, as the filling in the questionnaire, it was the first stage, well, I went to Moscow, because at that time I still lived in Kazan.

ML&L - Did you upset when didn’t hit the live shows? Now that the time has passed, what you think, why did it happen?

Kseniya Tanner - No, absolutely not disappointed, because for me any participation in any contest, casting is always a good experience, training, and motivation to move and achieve even more. This is even as the core for me. I was even further hardens, well, no wonder I'm Aries, and an interesting communication with new people.

Kseniya Tanner - Дуэт поющих ведущих Дмитрий Дрозд и Ксения Таннер(Москва-Казань)

ML&L - Did you nervous singing live or did you get nervous before a show?

Kseniya Tanner - Nervous is wrong, the actor has to worry before his performance, since every performance, I think the actor has to go for the first time and perform on stage as laid out for the last time.

ML&L - And what about a dance?

Kseniya Tanner - As for the dancing, as I was a child with my sister we were practicing a movement under a foreign singer J-Lo. Then my parents were given me a dancing classes, but after hiking half a year, I had to throw them in certain circumstances. But after I continued until 10th class. I dance different styles. Well, the last time I was dancing two years ago, at the moment I just dancing for me at home or on events for not lose my skills.

ML&L - Is it hard for you to dance and sing in the same time?

Kseniya Tanner - It depends on rhythm you move and what exactly sing at this moment. Always different. You can sing and dance so easy style and convey the desired emotion the viewer listener, and most importantly have fun.

ML&L - "Dolgo je mi schli" is the author's song, tell us about this song.

Kseniya Tanner - "Dolgo je mi schli" is a song written by composer from Kazan, who once offered me listen it and after that I immediately realized that this is mine: and my manner of performance approach and meaning.

Kseniya Tanner - Dolgo je mi schli/Долго же мы шли

ML&L - Kseniya, you have a great experience of playing the role of a singer and a leading official events, weddings, anniversaries, concerts, presentations. Tell us, do you like to work master of ceremonies? What are the secrets of toast-master?

Kseniya Tanner - Actually the word "work" in the creative sector is inappropriate to use and I do not like. And I do not call myself the toast-master of ceremonies, as it is not quite like an old-fashioned word, and I am not her. I play the role of lead as lead event on the official and the current level without any vulgarity and deflating, and each has its own secrets, as each person and the same individual host.

ML&L - What would you be doing if you weren't making music, dance or composing?

Kseniya Tanner - I would lead events at various levels, as I can’t imagine my life without creativity in any of its manifestations, and would still have found a way out and continued to sing and everything else !!!

ML&L - Do you have any advice for new singers?

Kseniya Tanner - If you have chosen your goal, first of all work on their development no matter what the circumstances, to go to his goal until the end, never give up, as athletes. It is better to take a chance somewhere than not to try and then see how someone else did this or that step. As the saying goes," Little strokes fell great oaks" and " He who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne". That's my motto, which I go through every path in life through the thorns to the stars.

ML&L - What are your plans & hopes for the future with regard to your music?

Kseniya Tanner - As for the future, I will try not live not in future, only in present and do everything possible at this moment. The most important is to appreciate every moment in your life, family, love, create and never give up!

Kseniya Tanner

May.Life & Live - Thank you Kseniya for your nice interview. May.Life wishes you Good luck with all your  plans  and success with your music career.

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