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Interview with Singer-Songwriter-Rapper J.R. The Truth about the most minute and situation-based facts or trivia that are relevant to the rappers. What's the message J.R. The Truth is trying to bring with his songs?!

J.R. The Truth - Artist/Songwriter/Rapper

Full Name: Jonathan Lee Rodriguez
Stage Name: J.R. The Truth
Birthday: 1/30/1986
From: Jersey City, U.S. New Jersey

ML&L - At first, Jonathan, before directly into my questions, I want to say welcome to May.Life team. So, how did you get into singing? What inspired you to start writing songs?

J.R. - I got into rapping about 4 years ago with my boy I grew up with Mark Mazz. We were having a few drinks freestyling for fun and he thought I had a good voice for it. From there we wrote two songs together and recorded them. Since then I haven't stopped and it has grown into my new passion.

ML&L - What do you remember about playing your first concert?

J.R. - First showcase was at a lounge called The Good Life in 2012 Union City New Jersey. Crowd was small with locals coming to support. Overall it went well and people showed love when I stepped off.

ML&L - How long does it usually take you to write a song? Do you have favorite places or times where you like to write?

J.R. - I like writing music in the comfort of my home in the computer room I have for personal writing time. Songs could usually take anywhere from 30min - 2hours to make depending on how the beat makes me feel. At one point I found it difficult to make hooks. But with years and practice invested I developed a creative way to create dope hooks using melody as a process.

ML&L - Do you play any Musical instruments?

J.R. - I currently play no instruments eventually I'll wanna learn sometime down the line of my music career to actually learn some.

J.R. - Get This Money Ft. Mark Mazz [Official Music Video]

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ML&L - As a songwriter, is it like whoever wants it and has the money can buy it?

J.R. - A lot of my music is made for promotional purposes. But this summer I'll actually be releasing my first official single on itunes.

ML&L - What artists did you listen to when you were growing up and what about them appealed to you? Who has had a major influence on your music?

J.R. - Now Cole and Drake I would say has a big influence on my approach to making music. But I have been told I have my own unique original sound and style.

ML&L - Do you have a favorite concert?

J.R. - Summer Jam so far has been my favorite concert. I try to go every your if I can. Hopefully one day perform at the festival stage.

ML&L - What was the first record/CD you ever bought and do you still listen to it?

J.R. - Never bought a favorite album or record. But listening to what I have heard Nas Illmattic and DMX Its Dark and Hell is Hot have been personal favorites.

J.R. - 32 Chambers [Official Music Video] (Prod. By Araabmuzik)

ML&L - Do you manage to get a record deal?

J.R. - I’m currently independent I have no major record deal.

Here is a goal and height that Rapper J.R. The Truth wants to reach with his music and what he plans for future.

ML&L - Are you nervous singing live?

J.R. - might have a lil jitters as I walk on to the stage. But as soon as I begin performance it feels like home I’m always confident.

ML&L - How would you describe your current sound?

J.R. - My sound is original. My voice is original. I feel like my music fits today's wave with a twist of my own style.

Lady Lee x J.R. - Boy Toy [Official Music Video]

ML&L - What would you be doing if you weren't making music, composing?

J.R. - If i wasn't making music I would be more into fitness pushing to be a personal trainer. I workout now here and there. Run for cardio etc but not fully dedicated as i should be. But i think imma change that soon lol and take time to stay more healthy.

ML&L - Is there a story behind your music?

J.R. - Everything I write about is either personal or viewed from a perspective of your local person trying to pursue a dream while working with every day responsibilities. And deal with ups and downs life throws at you. But dont get me wrong I have plenty of fun music for those who love to party.

ML&L - What advice do you have for new singers?

J.R. - My advice to anyone trying to pursue music whether its rapping, singing, etc just be passionate about what you do. Enjoy and have fun with it. If your looking for quick success don't expect it. This is built through sheer hunger because success is not made overnight. Eventually things will fall into place.

ML&L - What are your plans, your next goal as a musician?

J.R. - From here to God's ears I just plan to continue grinding and building a core fan base. And eventually one day tour the world and make a difference through the culture of hiphop. Blessings to everyone never stop striving and be safe. I want to thank May.Life & Live for the opportunity to interview me. Be sure to follow me on my journey and discover new hiphop talent . And check out my new Pray For Me //

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