“Walking The Wire” song by American rock band Imagine Dragons cover by Chris Brenner

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Walking The Wire - Imagine Dragons (cover) Chris Brenner

Singer-songwriter Chris Brenner created a YouTube channel in 2011 to post cover songs.

Shortly thereafter, he realized that publishing popular cover songs gained lot of views and this helped him to get an audience faster. But ultimately covering songs was not the goal of creative aspiring singer. It is a good way to stay in the loop with so many followers.

Among of cover songs, he started to sing his original songs: "One Shot" - "Before We Fall"

He found his music career success on his own songs also, and on this way he spread his powers of music for a new audience. Chris Brenner has released his first music EP titled Limitless. “I want to be known as a wholehearted musician who actually means what he is doing to a hundred percent.“ - says Chris.

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