Charles Walker Band - Blues of soul - When love is throwing, begins blues. When love leaves, stays the blues.

Blues is not Just a state of mind, its part of soul. It's just a way of life! When two talented musicians meet are forming talented group which is day by day grow up more and more. Charles Walker Band in May.Life “We try to capture that neo-soul, kind of late 1950s to early 1970s kind of look”

Charles Walker Band

ML&L - The Charles Walker Band was formed by tenor saxophonist and keyboard player Charles Walker in Milwaukee, WI, in 2003. Walker played saxophone since childhood. Also Charles is fascinated by all the great composers, especially Mozart. Walker had studied jazz at the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire and he has participated in the prestigious jazz program.

Before creating his own group Charles was a member of Muddy Blue. He has played blues for a long time. He was influenced by Luther Allison, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Prince.

Walker was a stand-up comedian in past , maybe this charming trait and simplicity helped him to attract people so quickly and easily. He has a heartfelt connection with the audience.

Charlie Walker’s music attracts with elements of folk and acoustic pop. This charming features mix all brings him and his band lot of fans and supporters.

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Charles Walker –Sax,Keyboard
Porsche Carmon-Lead Vocals, Congas, Flute
Luther Tate -Bass
Demetris Vance-Drums
Donnie Mac-bass, keyboards
Nadine Neal-background vocals
Terence Pettigrew –drums

Best soul/R&b act in Wisconsin, WAMI, 2013.

The Charles Walker Band has released eight albums.

Charles Walker Band - Soul Deep [Official Music Video]

“Soul Deep” hit over 2,100,000 views in two months.

video In the Sun

“"In the Sun" I wrote for Porsche. She's like a flower that grows toward the sun. That's always my picture of her. Her energy and positivity, that's where the song comes from.”.

The Charles Walker Band’s first concerts was in a little sport bar called Rookies( near West Allis) in November 2004. It was first step to the stage. The group was so excited. The band made a series of festivals in Spain and had a tour all over Europe.

Charles Walker Band - In the Sun Official Music Video]

"I believe music comes from the heart, and I try to spread a message of love through my lyrics".

May.Life & Live wishes The Charles Walker Band to have touring extensively across the world, to record lot of new albums and continue to attract people with positivity & lovely music.

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