The group just released a new video "Giants from Mars". Such as BOUNDS is the last hope for mankind and as of today world peace is no longer an illusion.


German band “Cinnamon loves Candy’’ from Hamburg, who went from being a quartet to a trio after Ian Newland/Bass/ left the group. Band Members Say they're now a Trio. Starting out as “Cinnamon loves Candy’’, the band recently was renamed as “BOUNDS”. The group inspired of borders by philosopher Konrad Paul Liessmann, who claims that a border is a real or conceptual line that separates two things from each other. You can be the one, at the same time, others begin, and Vice versa. And gives you two areas of contour and shape. Without limits nothing would be noticeable. They are the prerequisite of all human knowledge.

The Hamburg-based Band BOUNDS mixes in their music influences from American Alternative Brit-Pop. The catchy melodies remain in your head and create a high recognition value. This mixture of Pop and "Indie edge" is rounded out by the reef-stressed guitars. The Dynamics give the Songs of BOUNDS a epic-anthemic character, which rounds out the lyrics of singer George Green about the life and Offences, Worries and hopes, dark secrets and a commodity.

BOUNDS - The Giants from Mars (Official Video)

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