Stepping Up To Fashion Outfits Inspired by Elie Saab

Khadidja likes Fashion. She designs outfits and enjoy the process. Family and friends call her Katty, that's why she take her design name KATTY CONSTANTINOISE (Katty from Constantine). She is trying be on the latest trends and dreams to bring her own clothing line to the fashion market.

Katty Constantinoise

Katty Constantinoise

Khadidja Aloui, 29/09/1990, Constantine, Algeria

ML&L - Describe your creative process.

Katty - Analysis, Collection of information, Design drawing, Design calendar, Implementation of the design.

ML&L - Fashion as a career or maybe as a hobby?

Katty - Fashion design is a hobby of the age of 13 years. I design fashion from a young age with simple drawings. I adore the field of fashion design and elegance and wish to create it.

ML&L - What trends do you currently see in the fashion industry?

Katty - Trend of romantic fashion ,trend of high and fashion and classic, trend of fashion show, trend of global events political conditions and natural disasters.

ML&L - What are your goals as a Fashion Designer?

Katty - Spread peace around the world. Women feel their femininity, confidence and beauty.

ML&L - What motivates you as a Fashion Designer?

Katty - As a fashion designer my motivates is seeing everything beautiful in nature is an incentive for me to draw inspiration from the idea of ​​a new design from nature colors to roses, butterflies and others.

Katty Constantinoise

ML&L - In what area of design do you wish to specialize in?

Katty - I want to be in the high and fashion and romantic fashion and in fashion shows.

ML&L - What is your favorite part about being a Fashion Designer?

Katty - I see the satisfaction. Confident , the smile and the joy on the faces of my clients.

ML&L - Who are your favorite designers?

Katty - My favorite designer is Elie Saab.

ML&L - How do you stay up to date with fashion?

Katty - I will work hard and wait to be in date with fashion.

Katty Constantinoise

May.Life & Live - Thank you for your answers. You have the skills and persistence necessary to continue work and create new designs, which can one day be your dream career. May.Life & Live wishes you all the best and be confident in moving forward.

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