Model - Dream job?!
Tips from young model who rules the catwalk

Modelling is considered to be different from other types of public performance, such as acting or dancing. Being a model is a dream of lot of young people. It's like magic world, where everybody will admire them. But a coin has two sides. Nice model photos or catwalk is the final level behind which there were hard work, determination, patience, training and so on. The road is long and not easy as it seems. Very few people actually get a chance to follow their dreams and Jana Tych is one such lucky person. She has the personality of a true model. In our interview she spoke of style about her model beginnings, collaborations, and what it really takes to keep a fresh perspective nowadays.

Jana Tych

Jana Tych

12.01.1992, Germany, Wuppertal

ML&L - Tell about yourself?

Jana - I am a friendly, quiet and crazy person. I like to learn for my life. Through sport, I am very resilient, reliable and become a team player. Through Ballet and in general I am very creative.

ML&L - Why do you want to work as a model?

Jana - As a child, I used to organize my own fashion show. I love posing, which makes me very much fun and encourages my creativity. I love the camera and also the stage. Many people said I should be a model.

ML&L - Tell us about your education: Have you attended fashion modeling courses? 

Jana - I was born in Russia. At 10, I came to Germany. German and Russian are my favorite languages. Besides, I speak English and French. At 6, I went to Ballet and at 8 to Rhythmic Gymnastics. I have many competitions behind me as an athlete. At 8, I started to play the piano. As a dancer, I took part in a casting for young talents at the age of 16 and had performances in Düsseldorf, Wuppertal and Hagen. I also like to paint when I have time. In moment I study art history in Düsseldorf at the Heinrich Heine University. I did not attend any modeling classes. I was approached on the street by a design student. He is a model himself and has penetrated me into the fashion world. Through my curiosity, love to communicate, body tension, learning, time, pleasure and creativity I have achieved a lot.

ML&L - Tell about your modeling work

Jana - I'm often on the road. Have no fixed schedule. Today I'm on a photo shoot, tomorrow at a shoot, then on the catwalk and later on an event. Since it is so varied, I have to see that I do not forget anything. This February I was as a model at the Lamberts Night Show. There were a lot of stars. Unfortunately, I did not know Pamela Anderson. I did not see her on the night party after my appearance.

ML&L - What are your goals as a model? 

Jana - I want to go to Paris, Milan and New York. I want to travel more and make a name abroad.

Jana Tych

ML&L - How do you see yourself progress in this field?

Jana - I have achieved a lot but I do not want to stop.

ML&L - Do you have a favorite model? Who? 

Jana - My model is Gisele Bündchen and Natalia Vodianova.

ML&L - What do you think is the key to success? 

Jana - Have a goal and dream and go there. Even if it is difficult. You should not give up your dream.

ML&L - Do you eat nutritiously? 

Jana - I eat everything. I have a very good metabolism since childhood.

ML&L - How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

Jana - I try to make sport every day. But I do not always have time for it.

Jana Tych

ML&L - What do you hope to accomplish at any modeling agency?

Jana - At any modeling agency I hope for new jobs. New contacts.

ML&L - Do you have any limitations?

Jana - Regarding creativity, no. I am open to many things.

ML&L - Would you model any kind of clothing at all?

Jana - Yes. It's not easy. I've seen a lot. But because of the creativity, I would try it when I get an opportunity. But I wear and lead gladly more already and finished dress and on the catwalk.

ML&L - Are you up for new challenges?

Jana - Yes , I am up for new challenges.

ML&L - What was your most difficult pose? Why did you need this pose for the shoot?

Jana - I have many poses. But my favorite the posen where I go.

Jana Tych

ML&L - Did you sign a modeling bond?

Jana - Yes, I am under contract with many agencies.

ML&L - Did you need a luxurious portfolio to start modeling?

Jana - No, I had not a luxurious portfolio to start modeling.

ML&L - What it need to do before going to visit a modeling agency?

Jana - Not to be nervous. There are also only people. Self-assured treading is important.

ML&L - What kind of entry photos work best?

Jana - The best photos are simple snapshots without makeup, because in the agency, they want to see how you are.

ML&L - Every model needs advice at some point in their career. What advice do you wish you had? And do you have any advice or some tips for beginner models?

Jana - That's right. In this brange, it is important to believe in yourself. This is also my advice.

Jana Tych

May.Life & Live - Thank you for a lovely greet and interview . May.Life & Live wishes you to emerge successful in the upcoming fashion shows.

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