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Indre Atko is a Lithuanian model based in Germany, Bayern. She brings with her charm and mysteries of Baltic country. She struggles to enter the World fashion scene and develops her model career. In this interview Indre talks about the modeling with her personal history, model life and her beauty rules.

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ML&L - Tell us about your career as model. How did you get started?

Indre - I was founded as I was 16years in one modeling casting at school. I think it's the most popular way how girls starts their modeling carrier. I was working as model few years but when I started studies at university I needed to choose. And that time my studies won and now I am with bachelor and master degree in computer science. I thought my modeling way and works ended but when I moved to Germany one photographer offered test shooting and few years I am again in modeling market.

ML&L - What type of modeling do you enjoy most?

Indre - I like challenges so I am enjoying if I need to try something else always. I like to change characters and show different me. It's always nice to see the result and see how it's working.

ML&L - What do you love most about being a model?

Indre - To be a model is not always fun as people think. But I like the most that work always different, no routine on it. To challenge myself, meeting new people, see new places.

ML&L - Have you attended fashion modeling courses?

Indre - I had modeling courses at my first model agency. It was very useful because when young girls comes it is easier if you know basic information how this business works. So walking trainings, sport, make up, outfit even communication tips were the best start. After you can feel more comfortable and feel more self confident when you are going in castings.

ML&L - What are your goals as a model?

Indre - The goal is to take everything what it gives and use it as life experience.

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

ML&L - Who in your life has most influenced how you think about beauty and about style?

Indre - The first tips and taste about beauty for sure came from mom. Then with years, environment, people around, experience you creating your own way and your own thoughts what is beautiful and stylish for you. The most important you would feel comfortable and happy.

ML&L - What do you think is the key to success?

Indre - In my opinion the most successful people are those who feel/are happy. So the key is easy - do everything what makes you happy in this life!

ML&L - How would you would define the word “beauty?"

Indre - Beauty is not only about fashion it comes from a lot of things. Beauty is an entire from mood, experience, environment, clothes, charisma, talent, behavior, minds, self confident etc.

ML&L - What’s the biggest compliment someone can give you about your outfit?

Indre - All compliments are nice and always nice to get them. It is nice feeling you made someone life moment more beautiful with outfit or style you chosen. The most important to take it correctly and be thankful for that.

ML&L - Do you have any limitations in the clothing you are willing to model with? 

Indre - To be a model means that not always you will like what you will wear or present. Maybe till now I was lucky because I like all what I show or get. It is always challenging to show the best what you can but I like it.

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

ML&L - What is your beauty routine?

Indre - Sport, fresh air, good sleep and healthy food.

ML&L - What do you do to stay in shape?

Indre - Sport, sport, sport. Love all types of that because every activity gives different things to your body, minds, self control.

ML&L - What Fashion Shows had you walked In?

Indre - Berlin fashion week, Secret fashion show Munich, other designers.

ML&L - Do you have any advice or some tips for beginner models?

Indre - You don't need be the most beautiful! Trust yourself! Be unique! Be friendly!

ML&L - Thank you Indre for sharing your tips, May.Life & Live wishes you all the best for your modeling career!

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

Indre Model in May.Life and Live

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