Where words fail, colors and strokes convey.

Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali - are names known to every well-educated person. Today, too, there is no shortage of talented artists. Their names are just not yet so widely known. “The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting”, - Vincent van Gogh wrote. Melanie is happy to be alive as long as she can paint. She paints what he loves. Art in our lives are seen as expressions where we realize in our work something which is mixed from real and fantasy. In this understanding, her drawings depict what comes from heart in that moment. She has made paintings that look similar to each other and the same time there are works which have shown a author signature style. For her the painting is the best way to communicate. She paints so simply by filling up a space of her Soul. When she paints, is more important than the painting she makes is what happens to her when she makes it. When she paints, she shows a bit of her soul. Painting is part of her soul.

Melis Artwork

Melanie , 25.12.1981, Germany, Göttingen

Melanie Friedrichs Igoe, more known as Melis-artwork, started painting before she could walk. When she was at 16 years old she tried to paint her first portrait – it was portrait of her son. But it was temporary. She didn't study painting, she is drawing as a natural talent. After the death of Melanie’s Dad, when she was in her 30s, she began really painting. She proves that it is never too late to begin a creative life.

“Since the death of my father at the end of November 2016 I only paint. It is more than a hobby. It has become my life and my passion”, said Melanie.

She specialty is drawing portraits. She makes hand-drawn pencil portraits based on photographs. Most of her drawings belong her own or members of her family. Her hobby helps her to stand out from the crowd but they can also provides her like a career. If you decide to order your hand-drawn pencil portrait from a talented Melanie, you need to do it in advance.

“The first thing I do is to ask customer how they present the picture. I would like to make changes and wishes. Then the payment is cleared and I take paper and pencil and begin” mentioned Melanie.

Melis Artwork

It’s difficult to say how long takes any portrait to paint. It's very different, depends on the size, motif and color or black and white. This young and incredibly talented artist from Germany calls her paintings “They are just that real and alive”. She paints what to order, but it is in her portraits that her talent is most strikingly apparent.

“I love portraits of people to paint. I paint animals by the way. I love art in itself. That will come to rest. Create the individual image. And I often criticize myself very often “ said Melanie.

Melis Artwork

She has positive take on work and family time with her 6 kids. Melanie always craves having an art tool in her hand to express her vision of the world. It is a way of connecting with her inner self.

“I don't know what I would do if I didn't paint. I love to paint and can imagine it without me. But I think I would be in nature – in Biology. Or help people with weaknesses and problems. Especially proud of that, I'm on one of my pictures of my sister. She has Down Syndrome and this on paper was not easy ... it was for me a pure painting that came from the heart. Just like my first portrait ... in color ... and black and white at the same time. From my father “, said Melanie.

Melis Artwork

Art is the language that speaks from within. To paint is to live. May.Life & Live wishes Melanie just keep going, doing the best she can. Keep painting!

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