Passion of Belly dance : Interview with Mexican Nymph Belly dancer Nabila Aswan

For Mexican native Samantha love for Middle East begin at age 13. Samantha Torres, known by his stage name Nabila Aswan, is a Mexican dancer and teacher of Egyptian Belly dance. Belly dance captured her and she fell in love with it. Dance gives her power, vibe and grace, also it is a mighty fine way to keep fit and toned. She has performed throughout the Mexico, Peru and Egypt.

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Nabila Aswan

Nabila Aswan

ML&L - Why you choose belly dance?

Nabila - It was a coincidence that I danced this genre, I started at age 13 a little forced by my mom and, until I was 18 I started to take love to dance and until now I still love my life.

ML&L - Who inspires you to dance?

Nabila - My great Egyptian masters, especially whom I admire as they are: Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Gamal Seif, Mohame Shahin, also Anna Borisova among many others but they are the ones I most admire and someday I want to become like them.


ML&L - What would you say to those people who would like to dance belly dance?

Nabila - Although it is a very complicated dance, it is very beautiful, so do not get frustrated if a step does not come to the first, you have to continue practicing, study with good teachers, and never stop learning. In my country I have attended several festivals, 2 years ago I went to BELLYFEST PERU in Peru, and this year I fulfilled my dream of going to the festival RAQS OF COURSE in Egypt.

Nabila Aswan con Matias Hazrum

Some facts about Nabila

Organizer of the International Festival “”With Egyptian Soul” and the Belly dance contest “Anna Borisova” in Mexico City.

Director of the ballet RAKS ASWAN DANCE.

Sponsor of international dancers like Anna Borisova.

Belly dance event promoter for 10 years in the HOOKAH restaurant chain.

Winner of second place in the Raqs Hobna Cup competition in June 2015.

Winner of second Place in the Randa Crown contest January 2015.

Member of the “Mexican Nymphs Ballet” of the renowned teacher and dancer MERCEDES NIETO (Hungary) in June of 2016.

Special guest at Bellyfest Perù in August 2015.

Winner of the first place in the competition “Aziza dance halls” in Mexico City on November 2016.

 Finalist in the Professional Competition Randa Crown in Egypt July 2017.


ML&L - What are your plans now?

Nabila - My plans are now to go live in Egypt and dance there. It is a new stage of my life that I want to live.

Nabila Aswan

May.Life & Live - Thank you for your answers. What the mind can conceive - it can achieve. May your plans be stepping stone to a successful career. May.Life & Live wishes you best of luck.

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