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Dancer, choreographer and performer Antonio Silva has been worked by popular artists that include Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Robyn S, Snap!, Technotronic and others. He has determination and he works very hard. He stays energized to move forward. And he does it very well. But anyway he still looking forward to what he has ahead of.

António Silva 

6/ July /1980
Oporto City/Portugal/

Antonio grew up in Portugal and started dance when he was 7years old. He started with Jazz at a School where his father was president and brother was a teacher of Breakdancing. He danced Jazz until he was 17 years old. Antonio also did basics in Ballet and contemporary dance.

When he was 18 years old at Sweden he has started to dance Hip Hop and since that he came back to Portugal and never stopped dancing Hip Hop. He has taught all over in countries like Brazil, Germany, Spain, France and Scotland.

ML&L - How do you feel when you perform?

António - When I dance first I feel always nervous before I enter the stage. I usually don’t talk with no One. I enter "beast Mode". Focus. Then when I enter the stage I realize that the Sky is the Limit and I feel free. I dance.

ML&L - What gives you inspiration?

António - 2 persons... the lady that adopted me. She gave me a second chance in life. Every stage I dance is for her. And my brother that always been there for me. 

ML&L - What made you decide to study different styles rather than concentrating on one style?

António - Above all I really love to dance not just Hip Hop dance but dance in general. And as a performer/choreographer is important to have knowledge in different styles of dance.

António Silva JudgeDemo at Germany (2016)

ML&L - What is your favorite part about Dancing?

António - When I dance I go to another place... it’s hard to explain. The music gets in and my body follows.

ML&L - What’s the biggest challenge you've faced in your career?

António - The biggest challenge for me was to find "my place" in the Hip Hop culture in Portugal and earn the respect of the OGs.

ML&L - What was your reaction and your feelings when you performed such a popular stars like Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and many others?

António - I´ve always dreamed to achieve those moments. Some people didn’t support my ambitions cause they thought that I was dreaming to big but I did it. At those moments I felt proud of my "hustle".

A$AP Ferg - East Coast (NOSTRINGSONUS)

ML&L - How does teaching dance and be choreographer differ from being a dancer yourself?

António - When you teach and choreographer you influence lives. You build legacy. You give hope. You share knowledge. When you just dance u inspire...nothing else in my opinion.

ML&L - What is the most important thing in being a choreographer?

António - Knowledge and experience.

ML&L - How do you design a new choreography? Dance first and keep it up for later or vice versa?

António - First I "build" the music. I mix it. Add some the same time I imagine all the performance...After all this I Build the steps.

ML&L - If you could give advice for aspiring younger dancers, what did you said?

António - Be yourself. Respect the OGs and the culture. Be Smart. Never EVER give up. Be Humble. Skill, respect and humbleness.

ML&L - What do you think is the key to success?

António - Work. Work. Work... work hard beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

RISE (Bodybuilding Motivation)

ML&L - Any last words?

António - It will be hard...but at the end u will see that it was worth it.

Here are some known facts about Antonio

I’ve did a lot of TV commercials, TV Shows and participated in 2 movies. One movie was French and the other an Bollywood Movie.

In 2007 I choreographed the Crew that represented Portugal at the Hip Hop International Finals at Las Vegas.

In 2010 I won at the Hip Hop Solo category the UDO (United Dance Organization) World Finals at the UK.

I choreographer 2 Crews. BadAss Click and BoomBox Legacy.

Antonio Silva

May.Life & Live - Thank you, António, for you time and nice interview. May.Life & Live wishes Best of luck to you!

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